Tigers Woods Amazing Numerical Records

The golfing career of Tiger Woods is the stuff of legends. For most of his professional golf career, in overall scoring, every other player in the world has competed for a distant second place. No one can even come close to his remarkable record. He stands alongside the legends in the history of sport with the likes of baseball’s Babe Ruth. The statistics he has produced are phenomenal. The following are just a few of these achievements made in only 20 years of play:

* He won 7 out of 11 major PGA Championships in the period 1999 – 2002, with a cumulative score of 94 under par. This is 60 shots ahead of anyone else.

* He won 32 PGA Tours, 4 times as many as any competitor.

* By age 30 he had 10 majors wins, exceeding the next-best player in golf history: Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus was considered a phenom for winning 7 before he was 30.

* He was the world’s number one golfer for 683 weeks. Greg Norman has placed a very distant second in this category, with a top rating for a total of 331 weeks. So, Woods beat even Norman by more than 6 years!

* Nine wins of the coveted Vardon Trophy for lowest Tour scores for Woods, compared to no more than 5 wins by anyone else since the trophy was started in 1937.

* He won 4 majors in a row, coined as “The Tiger Slam,” by age 25. Both Rory McIlroy and Jack Nicklaus trail significantly with no more than 4 non-consecutive wins by that young age.

* His Masters Tournament career average is 70.86. This is by far the leading average score for players who have played fifty rounds or more. Jack Nicklaus is the only player who ever even came close to such a record.

* He earned over $110 million on PGA Tours, alone. He leaves Greg Norman in the dust with his record of a mere $9.59 million.

* In the year 2000, Woods was a total of 53 under par in the majors, a full 35 shots better than any other golfer. That record lasted until it was partially broken by Jordan Spieth in 2015. But, even Spieth was only 19 shots better than the next-best player in 2015.

* Woods won 4 of the 5 PGA Tours where a single golfer has won 7 or more times. The 1 other such achievement was by Sam Snead, who won 7 times in Greensboro.

* At the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational Woods earned 82 under par every year for 10 years, 1999 through 2009. This was an amazing 49 shots ahead of anyone else. He earned over $10 million in that invitational event, far beyond the next-best, Arnold Palmer.

* He won 34 rounds with a score of 67 or better in the majors, 1997 through 2008. The next-best player scored only 16 rounds with such an amazing score during the same period.

* He hit only a single round with a score higher than 73 during the 2000 PGA Tour. The average across the field was 75.59, while his was still better than the pack, at 75.

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